2015 Year Review and Outlook on 2016

2015 Year Review and Outlook on 2016



We celebrated the New Year, 2015, in good ‘ol Houston, Texas and buckled our seat belts for a crazy year. We spent most of January packing everything we owned to travel to a rail project in some place called Qatar.

By the the first day of February, we touched down on foreign soil and called it home.

In March we found our perfect little apartment in the heart of the city and by June we achieved full residency permits and I was able to start working alongside my rockstar husband.

It wasn’t long before we were totally homesick and in August we made our first trip back to Texas where we visited family and assured them that we were still alive.

September saw us through our first ever full out adventure vacation where we traveled to and through Sri Lanka.

In October we celebrated our 24th birthdays with a trip to the United Arab Emirates for a concert and which was followed by November containing a wonderful visit from my family (time for you guys to come back for a second visit yet??).

Finally, the year has come to a close with lots of time with friends, new opportunities right on the brink of taking off and more love and joy in our lives and marriage than we ever expected.

Qatar Expats
In our new apartment, with our new friends, celebrating the new year!


Well… It doesn’t have to. Right? I mean we went into this year with our eyes shut holding tightly to God’s hand trusting that he would guide us through and here we are on the other side. We plan on doing the exact same thing for 2016 and to be honest, it looks as though more huge changes will be happening once again (don’t worry family, that DEFINITELY DOESN’T mean a baby!).



We make yearly goals, monthly goals and I literally plan weekly goals that I write on my planner and then track my progress in. Daily goals?? Yep, that too. But it looks more like a to-do list ha.

I think that tracking and holding oneself accountable on a daily basis is the only way to achieve the larger visions. It also makes a huge goal so much more manageable when it is broken down in to real world, daily actions. What is a resolution after all but the finish line to a long stream of micro actions that take place on a daily basis?

Little Adams Peak Sri Lanka


I want to start by clarifying the difference (to me) between goals and resolutions. Resolutions are a literal change in the way one lives, changing or adding in a DAILY activity where as goals are things that can actually be accomplished at a point in time.

Zach and I set both goals and resolutions for 2016. Here is a snippet from our literal list (so hold us accountable!):



  • Purchase in cash two vehicles (March and December)
  • Fill both Roth IRA accounts and roll excess into a retirement savings account
  • Be home for Christmas!!


  • Gain advanced planning certification
  • Finish reading scheduling book
  • Take a couples trip (just us!)


  • Attain Qatar license and convert into international driving license
  • Secure a new (higher caliber) job
  • Learn to ski



  • Walk job site 2x weekly and shadow planner 2x monthly
  • Use clippers (quit biting nails)
  • Daily push ups (not telling you guys how many!– imagine 150!)


  • Stretch daily
  • Slow down and do things the right way (putting clothes away each night, wash and moisturize face every night, don’t snap but be gentle)
  • Run at least 12 miles a month (until it gets over 110 degrees! Then increasing strength training is fine! lol)

& that is just to name a few!

Have I mentioned how much that I love setting goals?? I don’t think that I ever really got into it until college and since have been hooked. I can never understand when people say that they give up on making goals and resolutions because it is just disappointing. My tip for the worried goal setter is to break each goal down into its parts and then schedule the parts — for example my Qatar license, yesterday I took my eye exam, before the month ends I want to go in and schedule my written and field tests and then by the end of March I want to be cruising around the city cutting everyone off like a local! …wait did I just say that out loud?

Buy yourself a planner, fill the thing with monthly, weekly and even daily goals and then track yourself religiously. You will be surprised how much you can get done in a day when you know in advance exactly what you WANT to get done and what a great feeling it is to lay your head down at the end of it!


One last pro tip, DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF GOALS THAT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT OR THAT YOU KNOW YOU WOULD HATE. Those are not goals, that is just torture!! Lol Set yourself up for success by choosing things that you can get excited about and then just feed that fire!

The new year has begun but it is never to late to set some goals and become the best version of yourself!

2016 here we come!!!!

New Years 2015


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