5 Healthy Habits to Travel With

5 Healthy Habits to Travel With

5 Healthy Habits to Travel With

My favorite thing is an excuse to say “calories don’t count!” and “the only lifting I will do is with my fork!”.

Birthdays are perfect for this, long work projects that finally come to an end and of course vacations!

Who cares about healthy living when celebrating right? The act itself is food for the soul.


This all being said, there are 5 healthy habits that go with me everywhere, always….even on vacation.

1. Stretching!

Omg stretching.

I know, you are like why stretch if it is not before, during, or after a workout? Weeeelllll because

Your. Body. LOVES IT!

I am no personal trainer but I know how good my body feels when I take the time each day to sllllooowww down, become present and stretch it out! Sometimes I go for deep stretches and other times lighter ones. You can make this practice completely suit you and where you are at. NOT TO MENTION that those achy calves will be much happier to carry you through the week if you care for them.

Check out these basic stretches that you can do even from your hotel room!

2. TED Talks!

Yes, I get excited enough about these to put an explanation mark, and I would put three more if it wouldn’t scare you all away! Ha! TED Talks are a part of a healthy lifestyle because they challenge your thinking and teach you things you never even knew you cared about and they do it in the most interesting way. Not to mention, they are great for small talk! My favorite (and only) time of day to listen is in the morning, while I am brushing my teeth, doing my hair and makeup and getting ready for the day.

If I am going to have to stand in one place for 20 min everyday, why not add value to that time?

I take this on vacation with me because I can listen to local talks and lots of time learn new things about my destination. It is a completely unique way of learning about the country you are in (like Frank Gehry when we are in Bilbao!). So no matter where you are, when you wake, start by giving your brain something to chew on!

TED and Makeup TED Talk While Getting Ready

3. Lemon Water

This is the part where Zach would give a big eye roll because he KNOWS how obsessed I am. Lemon water (lemon juice from 1/2 to 1 lemon squeezed into lukewarm to warm water with a little bit of honey if you are feeling sweet) (I’m always feeling sweet) (just not always with my attitude) (did I just say that out loud?) first thing in the morning OR randomly during the day OR right before bed — okay basically anytime because all of the time it is SO good for you!

The key benefit is that it balances out your pH level (see more benefits here) which is especially important when you are eating less-than-healthy food. Or sweets.

Mostly sweets for me… okay yeah all sweets so okay you got me.

The reason why I am hooked is not only because the taste is surprisingly delicious, but because my body feels SO MUCH MORE ALIVE (i.e. energetic) when I drink it. Its like the crap food makes you feel like crap and this energizing elixir boosts you back to full speed– which is exactly what we all need when we are seeing the world!… not to mention handling daily life… Experts even suggest drinking this (because of the energy effects) instead of coffee. On vacation, I can’t promise I will drop the coffee (in fact I can go ahead and tell you that I wont because foreign coffee shops are too fun) but I will tell you that lemon water will be along for the ride!! Lemon Water

If possible, always use a straw though, to protect your teefs.

4. Skin and Hair Care

Most hotels offer mini shampoo and lotion… but as far as I can tell, they never quite match with the products at home. It is a simple tip and sometimes an annoying one but it is worth it to go ahead and bring along your favorite products (in travel-sized containers of course!).

There is nothing worse than being abroad and then having a week long worst-hair-day-ever because you don’t have your tried and true products.

Trust me, just bring them. Jenna from  Blonde Well Traveled has a great guide here with ideas about how to pack them.

Travel Products

Not to mention that if you DON’T bring them and then the hotel DOESN’T HAVE THEM and then you have NOTHING to condition your hair with and you have to go WITHOUT and then show up in 10,000 photos and can never escape from the catastrophe that you wore on your head the whole trip. Not that I am speaking from experience or anything…


5. Prayer

Sometimes when we are wearing our world traveler hat, we forget the basics.

For me, often that is prayer. For some it is meditation, others simply sitting in silence with God but it is undeniable that taking the time (no matter how precious each moment on vacation feels) to connect and devote ourselves to God cannot be left behind. It brings focus, clarity and relives us of every stress and anxiety. This time allows us to recommit our mind and purposes to those that are bigger than us and transform our intentions and even our ability to absorb the trip and cope with frustrations. It will pull you out of the present situation and give you the bigger picture perspective. We just cannot afford to leave this healthy habit at home!

Hotel Room Prayer

What are your favorite healthy habits? Any that go with you where ever you go? Let me know in the comments below!