98 Acres, Sri Lanka

98 Acres, Sri Lanka

Childhood Dreams

Remember as a kid, dreeeeaaammmiinng of having a tree house? Having it out back as a play thing and an escape? A secret hideaway from the world or a “cool kids only” clubhouse? My siblings and I were never clever enough to talk my parents into building us one so we made forts on the ground in-between the trees instead and pretended that we were high above, looking down.

The lure of  living amongst nature, perched high with only birds as neighbors is something that I think flourishes in our imagination as kids  and I don’t think ever completely leaves us. Of course, when childhood turns into adulthood, living in the trees meets the real world and becomes a totally impractical and a completely outrageous idea.

BUT, what if we could do it, live in a tree house,  for a weekend– even just a night to see what its like?

Let me just tell you, my friends, this stuff of dreams has been built into reality in the middle of the Indian ocean, on an island called Sri Lanka in a little village called Ella.  This particular piece of heaven is called 98 Acres and it is all of these things and more.

98 Acres

98 Acres Sign

Try a luxury boutique resort located square in the middle of 98 acres of tea fields?! Oooooh yesss!

98 Acres Pool

I first heard about 98 Acres from a friend of mine at work, Guyan, a native Sri Lankan- go figure! He showed me one photo and I was SOLD.

A cool thing about 98 Acres is that there is a mountain called Little Adam’s Peak directly across from it and the mountain side allows for a perfect view of the boutique resort perched in the the trees.

Can you spot it in my photo from our hike up Little Adam’s Peak?

98 Acres from Little Adams Peak

If it is possible, the view is EVEN MORE stunning from the resort side. The soft mist hovering between the mountains is a thing out of fairy tales.

Little Adam's Peak from 98 Acres

Can I just go ahead and say that this is so much better than a tree house in the backyard!?!98 Acres Room

Did I mention that there is a full out spa there as well? Yep, also in the trees and totally amazing.

As if the view from the spa isn’t relaxing enough, the resort offers a full menu of treatments, everything from a THREE DAY treatment perfectly suited for its name, Nirvana,  to private pilates sessions.

Z and I opted for a 2 hour treatment called “Chill Out” which started with a first time for both of us head and face massage that was followed by a full body massage and then hot stone treatment. Once it was all finished and we felt like absolute jello, we were guided to a separate room to soak in a  steaming herbal bath which was served with some of the most fresh tea I have ever tried (go figure, the place is located in the center of a tea plantation!).

Now if that is not the most relaxing way to finish a week long trip of hiking mountains and playing with elephants, I don’t know what is!

98 Acres Spa
$120 for the 2 hour Chill Out Massage

NOT TO MENTION this is Sri Lanka after all and Sri Lanka has ammaaziinngg prices on everything (remember that $5 all day moped?) so we chose the “full board” option which included all of our meals from our first class gourmet dinner:

98 Soup 98 Appetizer 98 Acres Dinner 98 Acres Dessert

to the checklist where you select from EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT in a breakfast all delivered direct to our BALCONY.! DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?

98 Acres Porch 98 Acres Breakfast

Okay so we stayed at this incredible, one of a kind, treetop resort with full board (breakfast and dinner) all for…..wait for it …. $265.

98 Acres Sri Lanka

Since we are entering the perfect season for travel, I am just going to leave this link to check out (& visit) 98 Acres for yourself riiiiight here. 🙂

Bon Voyage!

98 Acres Sri Lanka