blankFrom what I can tell, there are two ways to live:

as a tourist;


as a traveler.

The tourist goes through life with expectations and standards of what is supposed to happen and is often disappointed. The traveler lives with eyes open, catching every last delicate joy that each new day brings.

This is a blog about a girl captivated by the beauty and wonder of these one thousand joys.


Bailey Snavely

I am your average 20 something newlywed living a life of complete serendipity.

I met the love of my life my freshman year at Texas A&M University (A-Whoop!) then married him just after our graduation. We moved to Houston, TX to begin our newly wedded life when the opportunity of a lifetime came our way. Less than 8 months later we sold everything  and moved to Doha, Qatar.

No matter where we go or who we meet on our adventure, our hope and our foundation is built solely on our guiding light, our savior, Christ Jesus.

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