The Best Burger in Barcelona

The Best Burger in Barcelona

Okay so I already know what you are thinking, “How in the world do you know what the best burger is if you haven’t tried them ALL?” the other half of you are thinking “Why disgrace yourself by eating burgers when you are in the city of incredible food?”.

Both valid, let me explain…
There comes a time in every persons life when they have the BEST BURGER EVER. Now I admit, lots of burgers taste this way at first bite but only few literally force you to stuff yourself with the entire thing because you cannot bear to let a morsel go un-tasted. The kind of burger that literally requires no additional condiments neither could do without  all of the ones it possesses. I have had one previous encounter with a best burger ever and (sorry Rockwall, it is not the Boots Burger) it is the “Pride of the Farm” burger from Beefy’s on the Green in Spring Branch, Texas. This burger is slap yo mama- good!
My friends, I am talking about the king of all burgers, the ground beef champion of taste, flavor and juiciness.

In Barcelona, were were lucky enough to hit the granddaddy jack-pot of burgers once again.

Let me introduce to you the La Bacoa from Bacoa, Barcelona.

Best Burger in Barcelona
La Bacoa – 8.50 Euro
Since an event like this happens just twice (so far) in a lifetime, here is the tale of how we discovered this treasure:
So there we were, laying on the beach just feet away from the ICE LAKE they call the ocean down in Barcelona (I swear, swimming in that thing must be the closest I have come to doing the Polar Bear Plunge in the English Bay!! Just kidding, I didn’t go further than about three toes in before I ran for cover), laying out, relaxing and perfecting our strategy of avoiding the beach walking mimosa and massage sellers (INSIDER TIP: play dead).
Barcelona Beach
After an hour or two we decided to take an intermission for lunch. It hadn’t been too long since breakfast but something about laying in the sun really makes for a strong pseudo appetite. So we decide to take a walk and find the perfect beach side eatery. It would be hard to beat yesterday’s trendy burger joint (oh my gosh why are we such Americans having burgers twice in our mere four days in Barceloa?!) at Makamaka which we at the time thought was THE PLACE until their drinks came out shot sized and the burgers (we got the hot mama) were dry and overly “creative” aka tried to make up in creativity for what they lack in taste.


Hot Mama - 7.70 Euros
Hot Mama – 7.70 Euros
The Big Lebowski - 6.90 Euros
The Big Lebowski – 6.90 Euros
CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: Makamaka parmesan fries were BOMB.
Garlic and Parmesan Fries - 2.70 Euros
Garlic and Parmesan Fries – 2.70 Euros
Makamaka fries + Bacoa Burger = PARA-PARA–PARADISE (sorry we just got back from a Coldplay concert)
Someone please do this and send me a photo– I promise you will love me forever on after tasting that heavenly combo.
So here we go la dee da when ALL OF A SUDDEN I see this cool-hip-modern place tucked back a little ways from the main road. Zach gave it the green light and it was a done deal.
Bacoa Barcelona
The cool thing is that they make it like Which-Wich because to order, you fill out a card of options. Of course, I hate to say it but I don’t really get the point because the burgers are already pre-selected perfection and whatdoyoueventhinkyouaredoing messin with perfection?!!
So anyways, I ordered what clearly looked to be the best on the menu and immediately regretted my decision when the girl next to me was delivered some chicken sandwich with guacamole and cheddar cheese which literally made me drool — okay not literally but the equivalent of “lol” in terms of drooling. Like I honestly drooled on the inside.
BUT THEN ours came out and it was perfection and I realized that we had just hit heaven. And the chicken sandwich with cheddar and guac can eat dirt!
Wow this post just got really intense.
La Bacoa

We also got these things called bravas. They were in the “sides” section and not right next to the fires so we thought they would be something cool and different but yeah, nope. Just short, fat fries with garlic aoli on the side.

Bravas at Bacoa
Bravas – 3.95 Euros
Sort of like the wasabi mayo that came with those parmesan fries from Makamaka, did I mention how good those fries from Makamaka were?? Yessss and wasabi mayo! Still sounds weird but so good.
AH! Back to the burger.
Okay so all of the burgers come with lettuce, tomato and onion but the one we got (La Bacoa) also had bacon, cheddar cheese, manchego cheese, homemade pickles and a artisan mustard. We opted for the plain bun instead of the premium buns and honestly, the plain bun wasn’t even plain in my burger bun rule book. It was a white, poppy seed bun that was fluffy and sweet, the perfect contrast to the bacon and JUICY beef patty. Speaking of juicy, the artisan mustard was incredible and just added to the overall juicy-ness. Literally, this is the kind of burger that drips with juice and sauce and literally fills your little tray by the time you finish. My bottom bun had nearly disinigrated by the end because of all of the juice. Let me just say this is not the kind of place you want to go for a first date. More like the place you go when you are celebrating your two year anniversary with your best friend in the whole world who couldn’t care less if you look like a total pig eating a burger the size of your face and also doesn’t mind rolling your fat-lard self to the beach for more “sun-bathing” (fending off mimosa sellers) (playing dead) afterwards. Not to mention doesn’t mind being seen with you and your massive food-baby.
All I can say is that if you are in Barcelona, DON’T MISS THIS BURGER.
Luckily, come to find out, they have FIVE LOCATIONS in Barcelona alone (and one in Madrid). GET CHU SOME.
Also, Bacoa, if you are reading this, PLEASE OPEN YOUR SEVENTH LOCATION IN DOHA, QATAR.
ALSO, honorable mention goes out to Good Burger because if we had met you sooner, we would have upped our intake to three burgers in Barcelona.
Bacoa Barcelona


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