Italy Day 1: Rome

For this trip we started by flying into Rome. Two reasons: a. well this is Italy and its ROME for crying out loud, how do you not?  and b. flying into any other city is so much more gosh dang expensive.


So we took our quick and cheap flight (past the Qatar airport bear – yes every single time you MUST take a picture of the airport bear. It is the official Qatari sign that you are escaping—its got to be in the handbook somewhere. Plus how many airports have such an epic “you have made it” moment? This is like the grand central station of airports…. Except a whole lot smaller and less important…OKAY WHERE WAS I!) got to Rome and met with Amma (Zach’s grandmother) and Sarah (Zach’s youngest sister) who were ready and waiting for us.

Airport Bear

We picked up our fancy Italian Audi (all that money we saved on flights went directly into the car we rented…. Priorities right???) lol Then off to our first Airbnb to start our afternoon in Rome! (which by the way I expected to be a total sham full of tourists and those selfie stick street sellers) (I was only halfway right).

Amma arriving in Rome

Okay so the AIRBNB ROME: It was EVERYTHING. So there you are on the street then you get to first act like a local by swiping your way into this beautiful huge building with gorgeous and 11ft (or something) wooden doors which lead you through a short passage way then opens up into an open air courtyard (wow moment).



The apartment itself was up a suuuper old elevator shaft (that I only half trusted to be capable of managing the weight of our luggage so I decided if I die in an elevator shaft in Rome I guess that’s how I’d like to go after all- God’s will be done and WHOOP we made it so I guess he has use for me yet).


The apartment was immaculately clean and totally modern, Francesca even left a bottle of wine for us so you know it took us no more than 3.5 seconds to make our first toast of the trip and commence our adventure together.

Rome Airbnb

Next, downtown Rome.

Zach and I planned a walking path through the city hitting the key sights but when we got there, turned a corner and the COLOSSEUM was there right in front of us, we were all a little too stunned to contemplate the parking situation and wound up just circling the thing before like all good ADD tourists coming upon the next monument, then another. THIS CITY IS PACKED WITH EM’!!


And here my friends is when we realized that we knew altogether nothing about the history of Rome and probably could have done with a good tour guide to sit in the back and spatter off names and brief historical facts. Not that we needed anything more to ooh and aaawh over.. Or maybe that “Google Field Trip” app would have done the trick? Does anyone know if that thing is any good??


Amma in Rome

After maybe 20 minutes of freaking out about everything we saw and wrongly guessing at least 3 times about which where the real “Spanish Steps”, Zach found a little alley to park in and we began our walk. We headed straight for the Trevi Fountain (you know, the giant statue filled fountain from all of the movies?!) and after just a quuuick little walk we (through enormous crowds) spotted it. Tossed coins in. Pizza by the slice. Photo opp. And moved on. Sometimes these things are better from afar?? BUT we were not robbed and so mission accomplished. Fighting our way through all of those crowds made us more than ready to slip away into our dinner spot for some pasta and vino.


We went to Al Grittino on the recommendation of our Airbnb host and were not disappointed.


Italian Wine

Tomorrow Tuscany.